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Help New Jersey Breweries

In 2019, the NJABC enacted a number of special provisions that regulate what NJ breweries can and cannot do. While we appreciate and understand the intentions of the ABC, we believe that in the light of recent economic and pandemic pressures, the enforcement of these rules (which has begun in earnest on 7/1/22), will create added pressure on already thin margin, small, family-run businesses.

As such, we are asking our customers to contact their local representatives in the NJ Assembly and Senate and share their opinion on the ruling. You can find who they are by browsing to:

Breweries in NJ have become a staple of the local community bringing in hundreds of millions of dollars in economic impact and tens of millions in tax revenue to the State. In addition, local economies have benefited in the form of employment, renovations of otherwise defunct / abandoned real estate and the creation of patron activity complimentary to established businesses.

If you're interested in learning even more, you can review the following documents for details:

Find your local legislators here:

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